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Full Sass NBA Season Preview

A classic two-parter for you Full Sassers and NBA Fans. In Part 1, we recapped the insane 2017 offseason that saw 7 All Stars switch teams!


Part 2 is the 2017-2018 Season Preview! We go through dang near every team in the NBA to tell you who's Full Sass and who are the Busters o' the Week candidates. Who got better, who got worse, and who is on a sad slow steady decline (the Spurs). This is the NBA season preview podcast you've been dreaming about.


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We're baaaaack!

Fun with Knapp, Down with Trump, Up with Thai Food

We are back from the dead! We are joined by Alex Knapp to discuss Trump and the NFL and NBA, we check in with Bobby Mickey from freaking Sacramento, we hang with Mike and Sam, Craig controversially power ranks the Asian nations by food, and we get a celebrity movie review from our man Kinko Brah. We had a lot of fun with this one.

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Extra Special Episode!

Bobby and Friends S1E1

The first ever Louis Eastman-hosted review podcast to be named later. For now, let's call it, "Bobby Mickey watches Friends for the first time and Louis probes him for his thoughts, brought to you by Full Sass." Mike Sinclair joined the dudes to "review" the pilot episode of Friends. Are they hooked?

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NBA Finals Special

Full Sass breaks down the NBA Finals
The Full Sass Crew actually breaks down the matchup like a real basketball podcast, and still manages to make each other laugh hysterically dozens of times. We then step inside Mr. Stein's Interesting NBA Finals Tidbits Mathemagical Cafe, look back at our favorite finals moments, and get a bit petty amongst friends.


Post-Game 2 Update!

Bobby Mickey and Craig call their lil NBA buddy Alex Knapp to break down how the Warriors have successfully dominated the Cavs through two games. Is it over? Is it different from last year? What will we see in Game 3 and beyond?

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1 hr 05 min

Season 2 Episode 15

Part 1: NBA Playoffs Champs and Chumps

Louis gets excited for what has to be the most Spurs-centric pod we've ever recorded. Lots of NBA Playoff talk from the Goodassgame crew, a shoutout for those players that are #WASHED and Stein hands out NBA Playoff Studs/Duds, Chumps/Champs, FullSassers/HalfAssers.

Part 2: Ask Mr. Louis

When the youth of today have nowhere to go to ask for advice, what can they do? They can: ASK MR. LOUIS! Uncle Lou answers questions from kiddoes in Central Texas. Louis also introduces his new spin-off podcast, Bobby and Friends, where Bobby Mickey and Louis review episodes of Friends, breaking the color barrier as the first ever African American man to watch an entire episode of the show. Lots of fun!

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Season 2 Episode 14

Back to our two-part brilliance!

Part 1: Craig is now out of the closet as a Lebron Fanboy

The NBA season is over! Time to recap the season's surprises, disappointments, and told ya sos. We also preview the 1st round and Craig can't stop himself and his Lebron love. We were also joined by Adrian, a very fun guest, and old buddy of Bobby Mickey's.

Part 2: No sports! Letters from fans, Fauxmani Jones, tribute to Charlie Murphy, and the IMDB 250

We finally answered some of our mountains of fan mail, we checked in with Fauxmani Jones to hear the Sunken Place All Star Team (inspired by Get Out), poured one out for Charlie Murphy, went through the IMDB top 250, and generally had a fun silly time.

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Season 2 Episode 13

Rock 'N Roll, Kolaches, LBJ on Twitter, Mail order first ladies, Hives, and Buster Viral Writers

We were finally able to book rock star kolache empresario Josh Lit! Josh talks to us about moving to LA to chase the rock and roll dream life and opening up his Kolache and Craft Brew restaurant in Austin, Batch. We also catch up with Donald Trump ("what if LBJ had Twitter?"), hear Bobby Mickey's nightmare scenario unfold (The Hives!), and welcome a writer from BuzzList.net who wrote the viral piece "Six Reasons Austin Sucks" (what a buster!). Lots of fun!

Kolaches + Craft Beer = Full Sass

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Season 2 Episode 12

Alex Knapp and Bobby Mickey drop NBA knowledge for the home stretch

Alex Knapp joined us once again to catch up on the NBA with only 20 games left in the season. Who will secure the number one seed in the West? Can Houston upset someone in the playoffs? Knapp and Bobby Mickey also convince Craig that Kawhi Leonard should be the MVP this season.

Kawhi Leonard by Louis Eastman

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Season 2 Episode 11

Full Sass on the NBA at the All-Star Break

We went all NBA all the time for Episode 11. Trade deadline time is here, Boogie is a Pelican, All Star Weekend is for kids, and we got Phil Martin back on to tell us what the scene was like in Oklahoma City for Kevin Durant's big return.

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Full Sass Podcast Bill Murray Special

The 1st official Full Sass You Fux With It or Naw Special!

We determine the (not really at all) definitive top ten list of Bill Murray's films and discuss his career. Did we crown Carl Spackler, Phil Connors, Steve Zissou, or a dark horse candidate as king of Bill Murray characters? The Victoria sisters joined the Full Sass Crew to class it up, as they do.

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Super Bowl Week!

The Super Bowl Episode with a Patriots Homer

For our 10th episode of the season, we brought on Mr. Mike Sinclair to represent the Patriots and help us preview the Super Bowl. Apparently he's not scared of Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, or a lack of Gronk, and he explains his cognitive dissonance about Trump's support of the Patriots and vice-versa. Also, Craig makes a strange wager, and Bobby Mickey helps put a sad doodoo bow on the Cowboys season. We recorded live from Louis' bedroom.

In part 2, we got into some hoops - looked at B-mick's GoodAssGame entries, discussed some all star snubs, got a good feud going w/ Zach Lowe, and heard about Kareem's appearance at the UCLA game that Bob went to. THEN Mike made history in the first Bobby Mickey challenge of the season.

Part 1

Part 2

Season 2 Episode 9

NFL Divisional Round previews - Packers visit the Cowboys!

We welcome stinky Cheesehead Gareth Malkowski onto the show to help preview the Packers vs the Cowboys. We also talk about Clemson v Alabama II, preview the rest of the NFL Playoffs, hear about growing up as a sports fan in Milwaukee, check-in with the NBA, and Bobby Mickey asks a hypothetical about Ronda Rousey.

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Season 2 Episode 8

Football Quick Hits
We preview Wild Card Weekend in the NFL and welcome back our NCAA Football savior Devon to preview Alabama vs Clemson Part 2. It's a short episode, so get it in your ears before the games are played! Or listen afterward to how smart we sounded.

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Season 2 Episode 7

The Full Sass Holiday Extravaganza!

Part One: FUN! Our first ever holiday special! We welcome local musician and best bud Steve Zamora who tells us about his bands Voluptuous Neighbors and Bush Pilots. We listen to some holiday tunes, recap 2016, listen to some Childish Gambino and discuss musicians who had to pay up for copyright infringement. We closed it all out with a little Skybox and hoverboard action just to tie a bow on it. A lot of fun and laughs!

PART TWO: SPORTS! We welcome Full Sass sports experts Alex Knapp and Devon Singrey for at least a little holiday hoops and football talk. These dudes keep us afloat!



Season 2 Episode 6

PART ONE: The Cowboys are the best team in the NFL and Craig got some sports tattoos to reflect the season. Russell Westbrook is a madman, the Longhorns may have a jabroni as a coach, and Bobby Mickey saw Porzingis up close and personal..

PART TWO: NO SPORTS! Aimee and Nashielly join once again to determine the Buster of the Week, and listen to Bobby Mickey's musings on his Thanksgiving adventures. We hear some travel stories, and Craig introduces a new segment: "WEIRD SHIT PEOPLE DO" - this week: ASMR. WTF?



Season 2 Episode 5

PART ONE: Bobby Mickey is hype as hell about the Cowboys and looks at their competition at the top of the NFL. Then Devon Singrey drops his NCAA football knowledge, and we get with Louis about the first few weeks of NBA action.

PART TWO: NO SPORTS! Media analyst Aimee Victoria joins the Full Sass Crew to discuss Dave Chappelle on SNL as well as the election of Donald Trump. Then Craig gives the dudes a lie detector test, we review Bobby Mickey's appearance on a DIFFERENT podcast, and get inspired by Kinko Brah.



NBA Season Previews (Episode 4)

For the 2nd year in a row, we bring you the NBA Season preview. In PART 1 we visited with Full Sass contributor Alex Knapp and talked Vegas over/unders and some possible surprises, then in PART 2 we brought Lou on to focus on the Western conference and hear numerous contradictory thoughts all around. This is why we do this! Full fuckin Sass!

Season 2 Episode 3
A quick hit episode touching on Herbstreit's cesspool comments and Charlie Strong, the MLB playoffs and Rangers tragedy, and the Cowboys future with Zeke and Dak. Also, are the Falcons officially "booty" or naw?

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Debate Special #2
More #fullsass debate coverage. Craig underappreciates what Clinton is doing, Nashielly brings up the IQ of the room, and Ken Bone saves the day.

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Season 2 Episode 2
Craig's "savage" ineraction with Draymond Green's mom, Dee Gordon & Jose Fernandez, Buster of the Week, Kevin Garnett & Timmy Duncan retirement, and a college football extravaganza from Devon Singrey

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Debate Special #1
Some FULL SASS debate coverage! We played some highlights and lowlights from Debate #1, which led to some strange dark alleyways. Also, what does Donald Trump think about for those last two minutes before he falls asleep each night?

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Season 2 Premiere Alan Stein joined the Full Sass Crew for a great two-part season premiere

In part 1 we talked athletes & marijuana (with some Ricky Williams assists), gave some love to the Longhorns, discussed Nick Saban's sex life, and couldn't help but talk about "taking a knee" with Kap and Rapinoe

In part 2, Alan told us about the "underappreciated beauty of baseball" and played the Bobby Mickey Challenge, along with some other ridiculousness
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Season 1 CLIPSThe best of season 1! Download Here

38 min
Season 1 FinaleWe wrap up Season 1 of Full Sass Podcast with a classic. NBA Finals, and a big announcement.Download Here

38 min
NBA Playoffs 2016 SpecialsYou know we went FULL SASS for the playoffs. Check our special NBA Playoffs page.Visit Full Sass Playoff Central.
Episode 13-2Rockets Cast Part 2! Craig asks the guys WTF happened this season, Phil and Heath confront the Full Sassers about their hate of James Harden, and then answer some #fullsass questions. THEN, the most exciting Bobby Mickey Challenge yet!Download Here

Episode 13-1Rockets Cast Time! This is Part 1 of Part 2 of our Texas Triangle. Heath Hamilton and Phillip Martin discuss Rockets history and extol the greatness of Hakeem, while BMick, Craig, and Lou bring the Full Sass questions. Cheer up, Rockets fans! The history is where your success lies! #fullsass #mfflDownload Here

Episode 12Our NBA therapist and analyst Alex Knapp came in to bring the ruckus on the Association. We mostly talked about some major NBA disappointments and did a little lookahead to the postseason. Also we may or may not have talked yet more shit about James HardenDownload Here

Episode 11 Mavs Cast!Part 1 of the Texas Triangle. BMick, Craig, and Lou brought on ol' MFFL Brennan to discuss the past, present, and future of the Dallas Mavericks. BMick asked some very #fullsass questions and somehow we managed to bring up gay Gremlin sex. We go through the top 5 Mavs of all time and take a glimpse into the sad post-Dirk future in Dallas. Really enjoyed this one. Also look out for some new edits and tunes. Download Here

Special Mavs Edition
Bobby Mickey Challenge
A half-assed attempt at a BMick challenge. For true #MFFL only.Download Here

11 min
Episode 10-1This one got a little wacky. We were joined by Louis and Nashielly, but some technical issues rendered some of our gold unlistenable, so we salvaged the rest, added some more platinum coated content, and even some surprises. Definitely broke the mold on this one - lots of new stuff that we hadn't tried before. We discussed what was wrong with the Mavs, asked some Full Sass questions, and dove head first into some March Madness. Then we closed it all out with the Bobby Mickey Poetry Corner with Mavs Dads vs. Cavs Dads. Download Here

55 min
Episode 9Alex Knapp joined Bobby and Craig from New York to discuss all things Trailblazers. We discuss the past, present, and future of Portland, and Craig subtly brings up the two times that Dallas knocked out Portland in the playoffs. Gotta keep it #fullsass. Knappster brought it! Great guest.Download Here

63 min
Episode 8-1Episode 8! Sideways infinity and black mamba references. We get down on the NBA at the break. Who is ballin out right now and who is in line for the next buster of the week? Stein brings some NBA All-Star History and a Mavs pep talk. Lou, Bobby Mickey, and Craig also just tip the littlest of toes into the Super Bowl and College Hoops. Oh and of course the B-Mick challenge. Killed it!Download Here

62 min
Episode 8-2 Louis hosts part 2 with some secret MySpace questions. Craig brings the latest "This Week in F'd Up History" with a little Mexican-American War recap in that F'd up way. Then we close with the Bobby Mickey Poetry Corner Download Here

42 min
Episode 7Our first long-distance podcast from Austin to Tulsa. We decide if Cam Newton is receiving undue criticism, share some love for DeMarcus Ware, crown the damn Warriors, make fun of Lamarcus Aldridge, and high-five the Smart/Strong duo of badasses in Austin.Download Here

44 min
Episode 6-1MLK Day College Hoops Extravaganza. Special guest Sam comes on to discuss Jayhawk basketball and the KU - Texas rivalry, and also why Bill Self is not to be trusted. We also grill him on why he chose to be one of the 150 people who move to Austin every day. A good ol' Monday episode.Download Here

1 hour
Episode 6-2A brief hat tip to MLK as an ultimate American badass and then a special edition of the Bobby Mickey Challenge. They name it after him for a reason.Download Here

Episode 5-1New Year Episode! Bobby gives his analysis of the NBA season as we near the halfway point. Lots of laughs on this episode recorded on the first day of 2016.Download Here

Episode 5-2Kinko Brah came back to Full Sass Studios and brought his manager Hans Guten with him! Lots of surprises, and Bobby mickey found himself in a trap. A must-listen for all fans of KB and of course all the Full SassersDownload Here

Episode 4-1Special guest Nashielly came on the pod with Bobby & Craig. We discussed her teams AND gave a full recap of SalsapongFest 2015. Explosive!Download Here

Episode 4-2The Big NBA Preview episode of Full Sass Podcast! Also a fist bump to Charlie Strong's Longhorns and we pour one out for the Rangers.Download Here

Episode 3-1Newest Episode, with special guest Bobo! We tried to stay on topic of the latest sportsy happenings, but the silliness won out and we discussed deer urine treatments and whether or not Jerry Jones has actually killed anyone. Definitely our most ridiculous episode yet.Download Here

Episode 3-2HUGE GUEST ALERT!!!
Local ATX rapper Kinko Bra graced us with his presence to discuss his newest projects and describe how he conquered Austin. Then, the moment we were all waiting for, The Bobby Mickey Challenge Confrontation with Bobo. Did Bobby Mickey lose his crown?
Download Here

Bonus Feature #3 Bobby Mickey Poetry Corner, with guest Edward Austin RobertsonDownload Here

Episode 2-1 Louis joined Bobby and Craig to discuss the NBA offseason, the pinche Spurs, DeAndre Jordan, most hated DFW athletes, DFW free agents, and general tomfooleryDownload Here
Episode 2-2 In a break from sports talk in Part 2, the three guys discussed what "Full Sass" means, the legend of Pops, some social issues in the USA, Bobby Mickey's travels, and another Bobby Mickey challengeDownload Here
Episode 1 Craig and Bobby Mickey introduce themselves, discuss their biases, look at famous debuts, review the NBA playoffs, and Bobby Mickey knocks out the first Bobby Mickey challengeDownload Here
Bonus Feature 1 Bobby Mickey Poetry Corner, with guest Edward Austin RobertsonDownload Here
Bonus Feature 2 This Week in F'd up HistoryDownload Here